– A way for high school students to explore their calling –

AIM (Adventures in Ministry) is a 10 week, self-guided vocational discernment journey for mentors to follow with rising 9th graders – high school seniors.

How is God calling me to invest in the next generation?

How is God calling me to be in the world?


God calls everyone into ministry, but “ministry” means more than ordination. Let us help you LISTEN to what God and others are saying, DISCERN the meaning of what you are hearing and RESPOND well to what you have discerned. The call of God is diverse. The call God has placed on your life is unique. Your role in the life of the church is vital. Let us help nurture your call to understand how God is calling you to be in the world.


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Here are some personal stories from young pastors who received and fulfilled God’s callling for them in ministry.

Kate and Jaya’s Adventure In Ministry

Kate and Jaya have invited their fellow church members to join them as they begin their self-guided Five Cups of Coffee discussions.

AIM Orientation Oct 3 via ZOOM Register Online

Join us on Saturday, October 3 at 10:00 am for a ZOOM Orientation for “Adventures in Ministry.” Are you a high school student discerning a call to ministry? Are you an adult who would like the opportunity to mentor a 9th-12th grade student through their discernment journey? Or are you a pastor who needs resources […]

Jim Parsons – Pastor

When I was in high school I didn’t feel like I fit in.  There was one place where I felt I could be 100% myself, my church.  My youth group allowed me to be who I was and use my talents and gifts without judgment.  Church is where I felt most comfortable and connected to […]