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AIM (Adventures in Ministry) is a 10 week long, self-guided vocational discernment journey for mentors to follow with rising high school freshman through seniors.

Are you a church leader who is interested in how you can invest in the next generation? If you know a young person who would like to gain a better understanding of God’s purpose for them in the world, AIM is a great way to help someone explore God’s calling. Join the adventure by connecting with the high schooler you would like to mentor, and contact us about joining the adventure with your Explorer!

Are you a high schooler wondering “How is God calling me to be in the world?” Embark on an adventure of conversation and exploration of your talents and God’s plan for you in ministry. Do you know an adult mentor who would be a great guide for this adventure? Invite this person to be your Guide and get in touch with our team to start your Adventure In Ministry!

Through AIM’s structured experiences, you will receive the tools to discover and connect your passions to God’s call. With these tools and the support of a guiding leader in the Church, a young explorer discovers and grows his/her capacity as a Christian leader to make a difference in our world.

The AIM Experience: Explore Your Calling


Ready to sign up to participate? Complete the form at the bottom of this page and someone from our AIM team will get back with you within 48 hours!


It starts with a partnership of a high schooler (Explorer) with a calling and an adult mentor (Guide). At the start of the Adventure, the exploration teams will get the study guide and support information they need to participate in our ‘5 Cups of Coffee’ program.

For ten weeks, the Explorers and Guides meet and prayerfully discuss 5 topics that will help them understand and define the young person’s calling. This is called ‘5 Cups of Coffee’ – a guided conversation designed to help Explorers know how they should serve, based on their individual talents and abilities. Explorers will be required to take notes and journal about their conversations, thoughts and ideas along the way.

After ten weeks of discussion and self study, Explorers and their Guides have explored the possibilities for a career in ministry. Explorers will have assessed their strengths and interest, and hopefully have a clear idea of how they want to serve. The AIM support team looks forward to hearing about your conversations and discussing the process with you. We will recognize your successful completion of the online program.


After Guides and Explorers complete this online, step by step program as a team, an AIM leader will talk to you about what’s next!

Contact us to find out more or plan your Adventure In Ministry.