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Carter Ellis – Pastor

 In high school I struggled with Christianity.  I was frustrated with the separation between what I heard on Sunday mornings and with how I saw faith lived out during the week.  It felt as though the Good News to the poor was muted by the sounds of the world when we left the sanctuary.  Yet something kept pulling me back.  In college, I was placed as an intern in a local church.  in that congregation I finally saw the connection between how I felt the Spirit stirring and God’s work in the world come alive.  I saw glimpses of the Kingdom of Heaven as members of the congregation lived from the core of their faith.  And, here, I first felt God call me to ministry.

Still not sure if ministry in the local church was for me, I went into the non-profit field to serve the least and last of our community.  Yet again, the Spirit kept calling me back to the church.  I answered a call from God to lead congregations to be the Body of Christ in this world.  With more people living as the hands and feet of Christ, surely the Kingdom of Heaven will be in our midst.

-Carter Ellis