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Jim Parsons – Pastor

When I was in high school I didn’t feel like I fit in.  There was one place where I felt I could be 100% myself, my church.  My youth group allowed me to be who I was and use my talents and gifts without judgment.  Church is where I felt most comfortable and connected to people.  My experiences with my youth group, youth choir, puppet ministry and missions trips led me to desire to possibly pursue working in the church.

I grew up extremely fearful of speaking in front of people.  As I followed my calling it lead me to college and then seminary but I fought the feeling that God was leading me to the local church.  Finally after doing some internships in the local church I came to the realization that despite my fears, God was calling me to the local church.  I have been in ministry for over 11 years now and I still get nervous behind the pulpit each week.  However, it is there that I know that I am doing what God desires out of my life and I can feel the Holy Spirit working through me.  My greatest fear is now where I feel closest to God.

-Jim Parsons