Carter Ellis – Pastor

 In high school I struggled with Christianity.  I was frustrated with the separation between what I heard on Sunday mornings and with how I saw faith lived out during the week.  It felt as though the Good News to the poor was muted by the sounds of the world when we left the sanctuary.  Yet […]

Uiyeon Kim – Pastor

I can clearly recall wanting to be a pastor from early childhood.  My father, a Methodist minister, founded a church in South Korea and my mother often filled in whenever help was needed.  As a pastor’s kid growing up, I remember being at church far more often than anywhere else.  With so many family moves […]

Jim Parsons – Pastor

When I was in high school I didn’t feel like I fit in.  There was one place where I felt I could be 100% myself, my church.  My youth group allowed me to be who I was and use my talents and gifts without judgment.  Church is where I felt most comfortable and connected to […]

Kate and Jaya’s Adventure In Ministry

Kate and Jaya have invited their fellow church members to join them as they begin their self-guided Five Cups of Coffee discussions.