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Uiyeon Kim – Pastor

I can clearly recall wanting to be a pastor from early childhood.  My father, a Methodist minister, founded a church in South Korea and my mother often filled in whenever help was needed.  As a pastor’s kid growing up, I remember being at church far more often than anywhere else.  With so many family moves throughout my childhood, my church remains the only constant home that I’ve ever truly known.

The Church, my home, continues to guide me toward the path of God’s forgiveness, grace, and joy.  Although I graduated from college with an Economics degree, i never doubted my call into ministry and entered seminary the following year.  My discernment process into ministry involved the entire church family.  I do not walk alone as I am encouraged and blessed by so many of God’s faithful messengers. 

I never felt a “light bulb moment” in regards to my call into ministry.  But I never doubted God’s call upon my life – God called me to share the good news of Jesus with God’s people and I gratefully responded and followed.

-Uiyeon Kim